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The Stolen Slave

DUO ESCORTS IN PADDINGTON The slave sat on the edge of a bed with a blindfold on, although it wasn’t necessary at the current time. Her arms were bound together at the wrist with a stiff, wire-like wrap. They were tight enough that she couldn’t move them apart in any way. The slave was very […]

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Bikini Beach Ch. 02

  Doggy Style Escort Kensington Ted and Matthew had not recognized Yasmin, because in truth they had never before seen or heard of the gorgeous huge-boobed model, but in Ruritania she had become famous over the last few years – the young local supermodel who was simultaneously a symbol of sexiness and a seemingly wholesome […]

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Sherry’s Test Ch. 34

  A shower and a shave.     Russian Escort

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The Box Pt. 07

Terri sat in the hot tub enjoying the water bubbling around her. It was growing late and she knew the kids and Ted would be home soon, reluctantly she turned off the tub and eased out of the water. She wrapped a towel around herself and headed into the house. From the kitchen she heard […]

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2015 Reader’s Choice Awards: Best Nonconsent Story

The best of 2015 – as chosen by you, the reader! Source link

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Amanda Adams becomes My Queen Ch. 09

“Yes, Ms. Deborah…” I almost stammer, “I think the kind of procedure I’m here for today is called a ‘Prince Albert.’” Her pretty blue eyes grow very wide as she stares at me. She blinks at me once, twice- maybe four times… She knits her eyebrows. Finally, she shakes her head a little- flipping her […]

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Possessions Ch. 06

Hell, my loves! Here is Chapter 6 of Possessions! Sorry for the long wait! I want to give a huge THANK YOU to my Beta Reader nthusiastic (as she says “not a typo, there is no [ e ] involved”). She is absolutely amazing and doesn’t pull punches when it comes to helping me out! […]

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Bored wife. Source link

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New Year Resolution

I sat alone in the theater about to watch one of the newest movies. I felt so lonely, for everywhere I looked there were couples holding hands and kissing one another. The only time I had gotten close to a guy was online. They were always online. Even my Master had always been the Master […]

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Red Box Pizza

Kelley was a twenty-one year old college sophomore when this began. She had a job at a pizza place in her college town where she took orders, made pizza, and sometimes made deliveries. She was a very pretty young girl, with slightly curly long reddish-brown hair that was halfway down her back, pink cheeks, with […]

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